Khóa đào tạo giáo viên Yoga với Marzena
Bạn có ý định trở thành một huấn luyện viên Yoga hay trau dồi thêm kiến thức về Yoga của mình?
Hãy tham gia Khóa đào tạo giáo viên yoga 2016 với Marzena tại Zenith Yoga Hanoi.


Yoga at Pagoda with Breakfast with Willie
Practice in serene scenery, refresh your body & mind at Ngoc Xuyen temple

Sat, 27th Aug 2016

Ngoc Xuyen temple, 200 Lane, Au Co, Tay Ho

Fee: 200,000 VND

Take your mat and water botle along with you!


Kids Festival Moon
Let our Moon Festival inspire your children with the story and fun make the lantern and the moon cakes.

Fee: Early bird 500.000vnd before 3rd sept; 600.000vnd after


Moon Cake Cooking Class
Join us for enjoyabel cooking class

You will have a chance to learn the way of making the moon cake to celebrate the moon festival

Fee: Early bird 300,000 vnd paid before18th Aug. After 350.000 vnd


Vegetarian Cooking Course in Vietnamese
Time: 1.00 – 3.00 pm

Fee: 2,400,000 VND/8 sessions

S1: Thai food                S5: Cakes

S2: India/Nepal             S6: Tofu/Paneer

S3: Western food          S7: VNese food

S4: Sauces                   S8: Raw food



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